How I work


How I Work

I like to work in a collaborative and relaxed way. Together we will set the agenda for each session, and regularly review how the work is progressing to ensure it feels relevant and useful to you.

As we work, you will build up a relationship 'tool kit' that you can use to create, and maintain, happy, healthy relationships. The tools are forged from what you learn and discover throughout the counselling process and, with care, will last you a lifetime.

I'm passionate about the transformative benefits of relationship counselling and believe it should be an inspiring and illuminating process. Embarking on this work takes courage, but I sincerely believe that the outcome is well worth that initial leap-of-faith. 

Essentially I work with three tasks in mind...

1. Untangling the emotional confusion

We'll make sense of how and why you got into relationship difficulties, dispelling relationship misunderstandings as we go, to help you gain a clearer view of yourself and your relationships.

2. Addressing the quality of your thinking

Focusing only on the problem can get you stuck in an unhelpful place. My aim is to help you move into a more positive way of thinking. From there you can explore all the possibilities and solutions available, allowing you and your relationships to flourish.

3. Helping you listen to your 'Authentic Self'

Your 'Authentic Self' is simply that inner voice that knows when decisions take you closer to, or further away from, greater wellbeing and peace. You might also refer to it as 'gut feeling' or 'intuition'. When you make choices that feel authentic to you, your sense of wellbeing increases and you gain a clearer sense of direction.